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How to become member to the Centrifuge Digital Production Association of Ukraine?

  • Any company with at least one-year related experience is entitled to apply for Centrifuge membership should it comply with the following Digital production requirements:

    • Focused on web/mobile/social software solutions development, and is considered to be an expert in digital product development
    • Working primarily with marketing products, thus, having both technical and marketing expertise

    The companies that fail to meet the specified criteria are not admitted to Centrifuge membership.

  • If the company complies with the provisions set forth in p.1 above it needs to do the following for becoming a Centrifuge member:

    • Deliver a company presentation that would specify the company structure, its mission, targets and objectives as part of Centrifuge membership
    • Fill in the electronic application form
    • Submit a reference from two Centrifuge member companies
    • Get an Association membership approval notice
    • Pay UAH5,000 entry fee

    A decision to admit the company applying for Centrifuge membership is rendered by Centrifuge members voting at a regular or quarterly meeting. The decision is taken by a simple majority of votes.

  • Association member companies are obliged to

    • Be fully engaged in developing the areas the Association is devoted to
    • Abide by the Centrifuge Competition Policy Code
    • Keep developing itself
    • Pay membership fees properly


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